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Submitted on
May 2, 2007
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Oh, it's you and yeah, I've been waiting for you
I care so much for you and I know you feel the same way towards me too
For you, I would wait a life time to be
Just with you for one second, to see you smile
Between your honesty, caring, and sympathy
Talking on the phone until just before
The break of dawn, sitting together and leaning on each other
We can tell each other everything, no secrets

You complete the way I live, help me when I need you
How you hold me when I'm hurt
And how you smile at me when I laugh
I trust you more than anyone else in the world
Never hurting me, always helping me
You are the only one I want to run to, just you
Cause I can trust you to love me no matter what
We are the only ones who can feel this attraction

You care so much about me but tell me you can't be with me
Cause you love her, but I will always be your best friend
I understand what you're going through but I don't agree
Baby, she doesn't treat you right and I'm not the only one who notices
We all know that I would treat you so much better
Please, let me just show you what real love is like
Make you feel appreciated every day and every night
I'm tired of sitting here, waiting for you to make up your mind

How can you not see, she doesn't treat you right
You worry me, don't you know, someday she's just going to pick up and go
And I'll still be here for you, your shoulder to lean on, to cry on
She just ain't good enough be with you, no
Because of her, you don't know true love from this
She's just wasting your time and leading you on
Throwing around your heart like a childs play toy
And we both know that you're worth so much more

Hopefully, you know what you're getting yourself into
Cause I really don't want to see you get crushed
You say you love her, oh please, listen to me, just hush!
Dependancy has just made you oh so blind
What she has done to you is completely unkind
I can't understand why you can be happy with her
You held back to stop from hurting her, so why couldn't she
My love, you are too good to be treated like this

I just need to tell you this because I care
You are my best friend, you're always there

(c) Zoe Geller 2007
This is about a friend of mine that I also have a crush on that likes me as well but he has a girlfriend. She cheated on him by having sex with another guy when she was on vacation and still dating him. I think that's completely wrong and he just takes her back! I love him so much and I'd make him so much happier... he's just too dependant on her to believe that anyone can make him as happy as she does. This is me telling him that his girlfriend isn't good enough, that I'd be better for him, and that he's just too good to be treated like his girlfriend treats him, shit.
truely-me-niece Featured By Owner May 14, 2007   Writer
the beginning seems poetic, but towards the end, it turns into more of a journal. it didnt flow as well as the beginning. but a nice piece, nontheless
WhispersPain Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007  Student General Artist
Yeah, I was thinking about that.
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